Wedding ceremony in Crete

We undertake to organize:

  1. Wedding Ceremony in Crete – as well as organise the Greek
    civil wedding ceremony , we help you to choose the order of service, including your choice of music, readings as required, personal vows and exchange of rings.
  2. Bride’s flowers: Bride’s bouquet – Groom’s boutonniere.
  3. Bottle of champagne for Bride and Groom.
  4. Soft drinks at ceremony.
  5. Copy of Greek ceremony and English translation.
  6. Two witnesses needed for the ceremony.
  7. Assistance with paper work – we obtain all necessary licenses and take care of all the legal papers in Crete. We will attend the ceremony, translate the proceedings and see that all legal papers are in place for the issuing of the marriage certificate after the wedding.
  8. Organizing and obtaining license.
  9. Arrangement of reception at Taverna, including live music as requested.



 Pre-Wedding ceremony meeting

We will hold a pre-wedding meeting  to go over all details before the wedding; we will design on  a personal Order of Service and attend not only the wedding ceremony, but also the  reception (if we have organized this) to ensure all runs smoothly.



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