Guided tour on Crete -Chrissi island

Guided tour on Crete -Chrissi island

Guided tour on Crete

Become a Robinson for one day on the desert greek island of “Chrissi” or “Golden Island“. This exceptional outing guided tour on Crete begins with a drive to the picturesque town of Ierapetra on the south coast. From here a boat ride across the azure waters of the Libyan Sea takes us to the greek Island of Chrissi 8 miles away from the coast. During the journey you can sometimes observe the dolphins in their natural habitat, seemingly showing off as they swim and leap into the air, just a few meters away from the boat.

Chrissi Island is the most southern as well as the hottest point in Europe with vegetation similar to tropical, with a beautiful “Lebanon” cedar tree forest amongst the sand dunes, probably the last existing in Europe. Walking through this forest you can reach the beautiful fossilized purple shell beaches with their white sand and crystal turquoise shallow water. This greek island is now protected as an “Area of Intense Natural Beauty” as it looks like the last paradise on Earth.

A perfect day for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and relaxation away from the busy modern resorts…

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